SCINTECH Training Services include:

  • Process analysis, where existing processes are analyzed to determine any changes required to support the use of new equipment and technologies.
  • Once the Process Analysis is completed, SCINTECH will complete a Gap Analysis to determine the difference between “existing” use and the “desired” use or outcome. The resulting Gap Analysis is used to determine the “needs” of the client to fully realize the benefits of the new equipment and technology. Most often one of the needs is additional training.
  • The Needs Assessment identifies the type and quantity of training needed.
  • SCINTECH personnel will develop a detailed training plan specifying the training required and then work with the client to design, develop and deliver this training. 

SCINTECH Training Experiences include:

  • Instructor Led Training Design Development and Delivery.
  • Design and Delivery of Computer Based Training (CBT) modules.
  • Design and Delivery of both “static” and “live” Web Based Training (WBT).
  • Video/DVD production.
  • We complete all of our training delivery projects with a Training Summary Report that identifies the overall performance of the students and the instructor, with any recommendations for future training.